Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Photo Competition!

Announcing the winner and honorable mentions for our August 2010 Photo Competition. The theme, "whom do you most admire in your community?", brought many phenomenal entries of loved and admired individuals and causes, which we invite you to view below in our slideshow.

Congratulations to Andrea Lubrano, this month's winner!

"Faith is believing in what is true"
Woman in prayer. 
Jerusalem, Israel 2010
I admire those who walk around with a little faith.

"Innocently so they already know where they stand"
Muslim children at play. 
Jerusalem, Israel 2010
I admire the innocence and carefree spirit of children.

"Stranger with intellectual property" 
Man on bike
Tel Aviv, Israel 2010
I admire those who have embraced their sense of self and have been able to intertwine their inner child and adult self, taking a leap of faith.

Congratulations also to our honorable mentions: 
Rebecca Bezaire for her photograph entitled "Siblings. Future Leaders" and Ciza for her photograph of her brother.
See these photographs below in the slideshow (click on this link for captions and titles)!