Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Try out this Conflict Photo Hunt

This week during the Peace In Focus Open Lab times at USES Harriet Tubman House, we'll be exploring images of conflict using a quick photo scavenger hunt.  Open this worksheet and try it yourself!

Check out National Geographic's photography website:

It has some great photography tips sections: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-tips/portrait-photography-tips/

Watch the video on on photojournalist, Reza: http://blogs.nationalgeographic.com/blogs/news/chiefeditor/2008/11/photojournalist-reza.html

How does Reza portray conflict in his photos? What other things does he capture about the culture in places experiencing war and conflict?

Now, look through the People & Culture section, and find 5 images that you think portray conflict: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/people-culture/

Then, check out the Boston Globe photo archive (or other Boston based news sites), and find 5 images that you think portray conflict in Boston:
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/photos/Archive/ or http://bostonherald.com/news/ or http://openmediaboston.org/news

Try searching news stories for neighborhoods in Boston, like Hyde Park, Dorchester or Roxbury? How are they different than the photos that go with articles on other neighborhoods like Brookline, the South End, or Fort Point?

Here's what Khadijah wrote about the pictures she found:
These pictures made me feel very unhappy and kind of strange because some of the pictures did not make a lot of sense and one of them made me laugh. Also some of the pictures made me think I should do something about it and I also think that just the picture kinda gives you the idea of what is happening in the story.
[Photograph by Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Magazine Features]

Also check out the photos found by Sadiq and Devaughn.

What do you think? How can we genuinely capture images of conflict as aspiring photojournalists and agents of social transformation in our communities?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Identity Collages!

The following are a number of collages made by the youth of Peace In Focus during the first weeks of the spring training institute at USES Harriet Tubman House in the South End. 

The first was created by Sadiq and, quoted, he said: "The image all the way to the left is showing that I'm learning to be good at photography because there's nice lighting to it. The top-centered one shows that I like reading and I'm intelligent, etc. The one below that shows that I like to sleep. And the one to the far right shows a picture of me as a photographer and how I view myself as one. I also really like it."

My name is Shaliah and this collage is basically five different ways to describe me. For my first example, the picture at the top left-hand corner shows that i'm a LOVING individual. The second one, to the right of that one is a way to show that i'm SiLLY. The one below it shows that i'm SERIOUS.The last one,to the bottom left-hand corner, shows that i'm FLEXIBLE.

HI  my   name  is    Miniya. These  pictures  are  all about  how  I   want   people   to  see  me.

Hi my name is Adriana, this shows that I'm goofy and sweet at the same time.  This collage is my about my identity because this is how I see myself.  Sometimes I don't think I'm a nice person.  But I like to see myself this way, not an angry devil but instead an angel.

My name is Khadijah and I did this colllage to express myself.  The two people on the wall [at USES] mean I like to dance and the stairs mean I like heights.  I also like to make friends and I love the Red Sox.  These are all ways I want to be seen.

My name is Devaughn White and the collage that I made shows what I am like.The picture in the top right hand corner shows that I like sunny days, below displays that I like to sleep. The picture of me all the way at the bottom of the image shows that I am friendly and I like taking pictures of myself. The image of me walking shows that I like to walk and my backpack sends the message that I like school. The picture of the sneaker shows that my favorite color is red but also that I absolutely love sneakers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning about Photoshop

Today we learned about Adobe Photoshop! We went around and took pictures. We made special effects with our photos like we made crazy pictures. We took pictures of ourselves and added crazy things. Miniya added a crazy mustache. Also Khadijah added a wonderful rainbow to her background and she also made a peace sign. We saw crazy Antonio.

See ya on Saturday!

-Khadijah & Miniya

From Boston Spring '10

From Boston Spring '10

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling like a Leader

“Wow” is all I have to say. There were so many people at our exhibit! I thought there were just going to be a few people, but I was wrong – it was packed! So many people from so many places came. When I was told that the amount of people was in the hundreds, I said, “Yeah, right, there must have been thousands!” But seriously, it was packed, so that must show that our group is not as small as it was in the beginning when I first joined Peace in Focus two years ago.

I remember the first day, there were a few people, but now Peace in Focus is huge! This exhibit confirmed that for me. The first day, I felt awkward and shy, but Peace in Focus helped me overcome the fear of introducing myself to new people. Now, I have high self-esteem and self-confidence.

During the exhibit, we all wore t-shirts that said, “This is what a leader looks like.” Even State Representative Byron Rushing spoke to me and read my t-shirt. But my favorite part was seeing everybody in the group at the exhibit, because I missed everybody.

 I also thought the pictures from Burundi and Liberia were awesome! I liked that teens my age, even if they have few resources, learned to use the camera to show their point of view. People tell you that you don’t have a voice, but when you get the chance to find it, you should take that chance, because sometimes you’ll have a voice louder than others. I want my peers in Burundi and Liberia to know that people in a different country can hear your voice, too.

In the future, I see myself helping Peace in Focus get more participants. My teacher is helping me recruit people, and I want to get more people involved. I am also helping my friends overcome bullying. Since second grade, I was bullied. Now I tell my friends that when bullies say something, let it go. Those people won’t always be there.

I never knew that I was such a good leader until I came to Peace in Focus. This shows my true potential as a leader. 

 - Dounia, age 14
Photos by Jeff Langevin and Saul Blumenthal.