Friday, July 6, 2012

Stereotypes Facing Africans


Stereotypes are problems that Africans face a lot. For example Somali people have been identified as pirates and terrorists but they are not. Africa is identified as a very poor continent even though Africa is very rich in culture and natural resourses. Africans are identified as illeterate, not brave and often seen as one, but in reality the continent is extremely diverse, and some countries in Africa even have their own writing system as for example Ethiopians do. Ethiopians and Somalis have defeated Italians when they were trying to colonize them, which shows that they are brave. Africa is also viewed as a very uncivilized place which is filled by jungle and Africans live in the jungle running around naked, but in reality most of Africa is urban and most Africans lead an urban life and wear clothes.

Challenges Immigrants Face

When immigrants first come to a new country they go through a lot of problems and hit a brick wall. Immigrants face problems economically, socially and they face some type of discrimination. Immigrants usually feel isolated and different but if they understand the fact that they are in the USA now and they are part America and they should still retain their culture. Moreover, if immigrants have community people and organizations by their side they are more likely to succeed and improve both economically and socially. On the other hand, immigrants almost always need help finding jobs and a good education and that’s usually what organizations are there for. For example, there is an organization in the Boston area called ACEDONE and it mainly focuses on youth’s education but always helps adults find jobs. They helped hundreds of new immigrants get a job and apply for social security, food stamps and other helping programs from the government. On the other hand, there is another organization SDC that helps African communities especially Somalis with any legal problems with the government such as jury duty, housing hearings and any problems with the law.