Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Identity Collages!

The following are a number of collages made by the youth of Peace In Focus during the first weeks of the spring training institute at USES Harriet Tubman House in the South End. 

The first was created by Sadiq and, quoted, he said: "The image all the way to the left is showing that I'm learning to be good at photography because there's nice lighting to it. The top-centered one shows that I like reading and I'm intelligent, etc. The one below that shows that I like to sleep. And the one to the far right shows a picture of me as a photographer and how I view myself as one. I also really like it."

My name is Shaliah and this collage is basically five different ways to describe me. For my first example, the picture at the top left-hand corner shows that i'm a LOVING individual. The second one, to the right of that one is a way to show that i'm SiLLY. The one below it shows that i'm SERIOUS.The last one,to the bottom left-hand corner, shows that i'm FLEXIBLE.

HI  my   name  is    Miniya. These  pictures  are  all about  how  I   want   people   to  see  me.

Hi my name is Adriana, this shows that I'm goofy and sweet at the same time.  This collage is my about my identity because this is how I see myself.  Sometimes I don't think I'm a nice person.  But I like to see myself this way, not an angry devil but instead an angel.

My name is Khadijah and I did this colllage to express myself.  The two people on the wall [at USES] mean I like to dance and the stairs mean I like heights.  I also like to make friends and I love the Red Sox.  These are all ways I want to be seen.

My name is Devaughn White and the collage that I made shows what I am like.The picture in the top right hand corner shows that I like sunny days, below displays that I like to sleep. The picture of me all the way at the bottom of the image shows that I am friendly and I like taking pictures of myself. The image of me walking shows that I like to walk and my backpack sends the message that I like school. The picture of the sneaker shows that my favorite color is red but also that I absolutely love sneakers.

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