Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Media, Art, and Me


So my name is Jamal. I was in Peace in Focus last year and I joined again this year. There is not a real big difference between last year and this year - the only difference is the new people and the location and some new activities and field trips. I think this year is kind of better photography. In my perspective I have become a way better photographer because of this organization. The first week of this year we were mainly talking about media, peace and conflict all over the world.

I think that the media mostly affects everybody’s point of view because they promote negativity in the world. I had an interview with staff of the 7 News Channel. I asked her a lot of different questions so then I asked why do mostly all of the new channels show negative news and she answered truthfully and said that people pay more attention to bad things. She told me a quote that floats around the news business, which is "if it bleeds it leads." So that means the more outrageous the news is the more attention it gets so that's why they really never put on positive news. In the news before 2001 it never used to be as negative as this. All the negativity started in the 2000's so this wasn't too long ago. Only a few news channels have positive news. If the negative news continues earth is going to be even more negative than it is now.


I have come to love taking pictures even more than before. Peace in Focus has helped me understand photography more. I also now understand Peace more and how we can create Peace in our own ways. I've learned that I can be a Leader and I can do anything I want to do if I put my mind to it. Peace in Focus has helped me understand that. I love making Peace now and I am trying even though its going to be hard to change my community and as soon as I do that I will go onto changing my country and I am then going to change the world. I have figured out that I have the power to do all these things and be successful with my life. I don't know what I want to do with my life yet career wise, but I know I like to do many things, and one of those things is photography. That's why I feel that I want to open an art gallery one day. I think that it is very possible for me to do. (Dero gave me this awesome idea about opening an art gallery.)

On August 13, 2009 when we all split up into our groups and took pictures around the city, I had taken some pictures of newspaper stands, and Dero had told me when he was reviewing my pictures that taking pictures of newspaper stands was a good idea for an art gallery. He said that I could say what I feel the different newspaper stands represent, and that inspired me and got me thinking about actually maybe opening an art gallery one day. The field trips that we take with Peace in Focus really help me. I loved the one to the Arboretum, even though I have like a million mosquito bites from it I learned a lot about myself and about nature. Peace in Focus is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kate Fedosova said...

Jamal, I agree with you that the media tends to sensationalize world events and bias our opinion toward fear and negativity. You are ahead of most people because you realize this. You also have the power to change it. As a peace photojournalist, you can show your community that news does not need to "bleed" to be worthwhile. You can also show young people as leaders and peacemakers through your photography and your actions. Keep up the good work! And if you want a more positive source of news, check out this magazine: http://www.odemagazine.com/ Good luck!

Fehintola, I'm glad you're enjoying the workshop! Photography is a great way to express your creativity, and I think your pictures show that you have an eye for making the ordinary beautiful. I especially like the picture with the gum and the way you gave it depth by capturing a foreground and background. Opening an art gallery is a great idea, and I think you'll enjoy getting a head start as an artist during the upcoming Peace in Focus photography exhibit. Enjoy the rest of the workshop!