Monday, September 28, 2009

Boston Cultural Mapping - September 26, 2009


by Fehintola

Newspaper stands represents a lot in Boston because the newspaper represents a lot of what Boston is. Every morning when I am going to school I grab a copy of the metro and that gives me some of my information for the day. Pretty much every one in Boston reads some kind of newspaper, it is just a part of everyday life here, and it is a great way for people to stay connected to thing that are going in all around.

The public transportation in Boston to me is the best ever, because when you want to go some where most of the time the MBTA can take you there. It is so amazing, and it is a great way to save energy because then more people would not have to use their cars more often. I think the MBTA is a big part of Boston.

Not everyone in Boston is Religious, but religion is a big thing to me and I do know a lot of people who are residents of Boston who are religious. The thing is that we are made up of a lot of religions here and so it is very diverse. Some people don't consider themselves religious, some people just have some connection to something, and others just are themselves all the time. But religion is something that was in Boston early and so I think it is somewhat a big part of what kind of place Boston is.

The colleges and universities and Boston are very popular, and people come to Boston a lot to attend these schools, because they are so great. Like for instance Harvard was the first college here in Boston. Boston is a good place for education.


by Antonio

FUN: Basketball, smiling

FOOD: Pizza, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese

HOBBIES: Photography, learning, praising God

THE WEATHER AND NATURE: Cold! Unpredictable weather sometimes hot sometimes cold sometimes warm. Nature, city parks

TRANSPORTATION: Public transportation, aggravation! Its better to drive

NEIGHBORHOOD: My neighborhood is divided, black kids hang out with black kids, violent people with violent people. There isn’t a lot of unity, I really hope that I can do more to fix this problem.

HOME: Theres no place like home! I'm fed every day and I have a place to sleep. I live at home with my mom and I love every minute of it.

The below photo represents how as time goes by in Boston everything becomes more advanced including landscapes. This is how most people see Boston (very urban):

This photo is how I see my city Boston.  I love murals and people: 

This photo represents fun in Boston:


by Dounia

FAVORITE MUSICION OR GROUP: Pink because she focus on real subjects in life , like why is there are so many homeless people.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO SCHOOL: About 20 minutes because it is not that far from my house, but that is just because I have to walk.

PLACE YOU LIKE TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME: At a friend’s or family’s homes because I’m not home with my family that I go home to everyday.

AGE: 13 about to turn 14.

HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN YOUR HOME:  4 females, no boys.  We are used to being with just girls.

ITEM THAT YOU OWN THAT IS MOST VALUABLE TO YOU: My family because they are always there for me.

PRICE OF A PAIR OF SHOES: $38.00 I try to find good deals on things like my shoes and clothes.

FAVORITE HOBBY:  Walking my dog either in the late night or early morning because it is quiet and no one is out.

PRICE OF A LOAF OF BREAD: Either $2.00 or $1.50 because I always ignore the bread that is $3 or more than 3 dollars.

PETS OR ANIMALS AT HOME:  I have 1 cat that never sleeps when I need to and 1 dog that is scared of water and of the cat.  My dog is 9 the cat’s age is unknown right now but it is still very young.

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