Thursday, December 8, 2011

Second Half of the Interviews

Haitian youth asking Burundi youth

How is it that we look so much alike?

That was God's will and that's how it is. Haitians come from Africa. You'll see that in history books.

Do you have different forms of dance? What type of dance is most popular?

Yes. Traditional danse & modern dance.

How did you gain your independence? And why did you fight for your independence?

Through political ideology and politics. We did it to end the maltreatment by whites. To be free.

What is the name for the inhabitants of Burundi?

Burundais/burundaise (Burundian). Abarundi. Umurundi/umurundi kazi

Why are some children barefoot?

It's not everyone and depends on the family. It's a poor country, but more prosperous than Haiti.

Did you continue to fight with other peoples, after your independence?

Yes, the different ethnicities.

How do the schools work in Burundi?

It's a Belgian system. Three trimesters in a year with an evaluation after each semester and a general evaluation at the end of the year.

Did Burundi put in place means to help the refugees from Congo?

Yes. There is an Embassy School of Congo. And a camp for refugees.

Do you play football?


With what countries have you been at war?


What kinds of food do you eat?

Rice, beans, meat, ugali, sombi (cassava leaves)

What is the level of sanitation? Is the system effective?

The level of sanitation is so-so. Not really.

What kind of things do you cultivate in Burundi? What are your traditions and pasttimes?

Coffee, tea, cotton, corn, sorgo, beans, rice. Drums, agasimbo (dance), intore (dance), muyebe (dance). Respect and politeness.

Do you have a president or a king? If a president, what's his name?

President. Pierre Nkurunziza.

Are you monotheistic or polytheistic?


Do you have a good government or good leaders, in your opinion?

There's a debate. Some think it's good. Others think it's bad.

As young people, what are some problems that you face?

Violence, bandits, malaria, AIDS

What are your reactions after the training in photography?

We gained a lot of knowledge that will be useful for the future. We really liked the workshop.

Are there people that live in tents, like the majority of us in Haiti?

Not many, but the refugees do.

What are your hopes and dreams for your country, as young people?

Progress. Development. Security. Peace.

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