Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photography Concepts and Conflict

Here's some photos we took while talking about how photo concepts can illustrate issues of conflict.  We also learned photography techniques like focus, angle, point of view, framing, time and cropping/zooming.  We then went for a walk near USES at a park near Northeastern University and tried out our new skills.

This is a picture that shows focus,because it's only showing the little detail and not the entire photo.

This picture show Angle/ Point of View.

These 2 pictures represent the Time concept and I used them because the second picture shows that overtime events occur that change peoples moods or facial expression.
                                                                    -Devaughn White

These 2 pictures represent the Cropping and Zoom concept. I decided to use these two pictures because without seeing the computer in the second image, you would not know where the plant was.
                                                                        -Devaughn White 

These 2 images kind of represent the Framing concept because it excludes something (the books) and it also shows Timing again because the first image, the books are included. In the second image it shows that some people passed by and helped themselves to the books.
                                                                       -Devaughn White

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