Thursday, April 19, 2012

Contemporary History of Roxbury

Roxbury is a historically rich architectual community in Boston. It has recently become diversified and it remains " the Heart of Black Culture in Boston." Roxbury is one of the first towns founded in Massachusetts Bay in 1630. In today's time Roxbury has many historical places that have been rebuilt and restored throughout the city.

John Eliot square was a strategic meeting point for soldiers during the Revolutionary War because its elevated Highland over Downtown Boston.
John Elliot was the most famous pastor of the First Church of Roxbury and was able to integrate Algonquin Indians to become full members of the Church.

First Church of Roxbury was buit in 1632 and was the first meetinghouse for soldiers in 1804 is the focal point of the neighborhood.

First Hotel of Roxbury that was crucial point desegregating Roxbury. Now it houses condominium and offices including the fairly new member of the complex African Community Economic Development of New England (ACEDONE).

In the bottom left corner of building resides a parting stone from the 1800s. This monument was a form of locational recognition. Now it remins hidden and unnoticed under a Foreign Car Auto Shop, despite being significant two centuries ago.

This is New Edition to the Roxbury community, Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, served as a new attraction to the people of Roxbury, has strengthened community ties, and has brought much diversity to the area.

- By Kaynan Yassin, Sagal Yassin, Endkle Getachew, Mohamud Hussein, and Nasir Abdullahi

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