Thursday, April 19, 2012

A time to unite with peace

        The meaning of peace is to communicate with other  people with out any kind of violence  or other problems. These pictures below shows us how peace works in a variety ways and helps to discourage violence. One way to keep peace is by keeping social justice. 

Photographing Shakeem's Rest in Peace pin he wears to remeber his friend that was taken by violence in Boston.

Spread the love, Antonio (black) and Gio (white) converse about the violence in Boston that has taken the lives of young. Gio, 17 years of age, explains it has to stop because it stems from foolishness.

In support of Trayvon Martin black hoodies are worn by high school students in Boston. Trayvon Martin's death is an example of the disese we call violence in America. We need PEACE!

 Gio, 17 years old from Boston, feels that violence should cease ASAP in the streets in Boston and beyond. Gio was close friends of middle school student Taewon Martin who was shot and killed in Boston 2010.

Why so common? Shakeem wears a pin to remeber his friend middle school student Jaewon Martian who was killed in a Roxbury commuinty in Boston where the death amongst youth increases yearly.

created by: Antonio Stroud, Betsegaw Gillo,  Yabetse Gillo and Sahro Muse

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