Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Men of Roxbury

        In every strong community positive male role models are necessary for the community to strive, but in Roxbury men are often depicted with negative stereotypes. This photo-essay specifically targets males in this community because they historically have had a great influence in their neighborhoods. Men in under-privileged communities are often stereotyped, looked down on and faced with prejudice from on-lookers. This photo-essay sheds light on an alternative view of men in the community and challenges traditional stereotypes.   

   Photo by: Ruth Densamo      
We met 16 year old Marcus standing near John Eliot Square saying he wants to be viewed as equal. "I don't want to be higher or lower than anyone, but equal."

Photo by: Misgana Alemu
At first glance these young men, parked at Jeep Jones Park, could be seen as threats, but since their arrival they have just been socializing.

Photo by: Ruth Densamo
The boy on the right, Shakeem, stands with Peace in Focus training member, Antonio, in front of Juba Market & Cafe.  He carries a pin with a picture of his brother, Jauwan Martin who was lost to gun violence on Heath Street.

 Photo by: Ruth Densamo
In this picture, you see an older male spending time with a younger male in Jeep Jones Park. The importance of an older and younger male relationship is emphasized.

 Photo by: Selam Dejene
This hand belongs to Emmanuel Alemu. This picture, taken in Jeep Jones Park,  is a positive example that symbolizes the peace that the men in this community strive for.

 Photo by: Misgana Alemu
Peace in Focus is the non-profit organization that funded the photography class that enabled the students to take the above pictures. 

Created by:
Selam Dejene, Naima Abdullahi, Ruth Densamo, Hawa Yassin and Misgana Alemu

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