Thursday, July 10, 2008

How To Read an Image, Leadership Skills and Peer Mediation

On Tuesday, July 7th 2008 we worked on how to read images and how captions can make an image look different than what you can see. We did an image exercise on how we think the picture looks to us. After we wrote down our captions that we thought were the right captions for the picture, then Kate read off what the real caption was.

Peace in Focus!

Perceptions activity

Later in the day we worked on LEADERSHIP SKILLS! We had to help kids solve their problems in a non-violent way, but they had to solve their problems them selves. That can also go into PEER MEDIATION. What we had to do was we had to sit down with two of the kids that were having "problems". (We were just acting it out though.) They had to tell the mediator the problem that they were having and had to find a solution that they both could agree on. When they finally agreed with one another they had to apologize for what they did and if they wanted to, shake hands.

Mediation role play

After we did Peer Mediation we went in STATIONS. What we did in stations was we went to different groups and did different things. The first thing that we did was:
  • Make Posters out of the pictures we took over the weekend.
  • Make a picture map of where we live.
  • Peer Mediation 101.
We also had a weekend project that we had to do. We had to take 18 pictures of things that we like about our community and 9 pictures of things that we want to change.

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