Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Day at the Zoo

On July 4, 2008 we went to the Franklin Park Zoo. We went to take pictures of animals and nature as we were there. We all went different places and took lots of pictures of nature and animals but in different forms. But for some of us we took some waterfall pictures but we had to get on the floor and get dirty and take a good picture for everyone to see how hard we work. Through out the trip to the Zoo we meet up with lots of Kate and Kyle's old friends and we all met new and good friends to keep.

In the zoo we also took some pictures of the little kids who were there. The funny part was when we saw the lion, me and Marcio (one of Kyle's friends) started to take pictures of the lion. The lion came towards to us, we all scared but there was a large glass between the lion and us. That day was a good day. We will never forget that day.

But as the day ended we had to say our good byes. We will never forget the day we met some new people that like what we like to do too. But at the end we took a big group picture and Kyle said "it looks like we are throwing up gang signs" but what we were really doing was doing our Peace in Focus sign to show how much we love our program. But after a great day at the zoo (no rain for us today) we will always remember for the rest of our lives.

Bloggers for the day,

Feysal and Catherine

Photos by Feysal:


Our "Peace in Focus" sign (Feysal, Kate, Alia, Wendy, and Geisha)

Jamal (and Marcio)

Mr. Lion

Smiling gorilla


Catherine and Elizabeth

Photos by Catherine:

Flowers and lion

Wet grass

Zoo waterfalls

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