Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spoken Word

On Thursday, one highlight was our open mic time. Here are some favorites:


by: Geisha Colon

What's with all the violence

one shot boom in the hood then is silence,

stuff happens

people dying



cause a lot of stuff happens

where's the love

what happened to the love

oh lord above

people are killing each other

hurting each other's feelings

even hating one another

love and hate is not a game

so stop playing is all, ready game over

what a shame

where's the love

what happened to the love

oh lord above

help the people from hating each other and also crying

'cause a family member had died

another shot boom in the hood

people are screaming and wondering cause someone had died

where's the love

what happened to the love

oh lord above

where's the love.

After 25 Years

adapted by Feysal

25 years from now

it doesn't matter

how your shoes, hair, or

jeans that you bought yesterday


What will matter is

what you learned from school.


By: Catherine Huynh

don't try to fix me I am not broken, I am just missing from your heart. but all you can see is my tears on the floor. someone help me find my myself again. I am a spirit that is not rested in peace. just trying to find my body to live again. I feel like I am not home anymore. there is just too much pain that time cant erase. this loneliness and pain there is too much that I cant let go.


By: Catherine Huynh

is there something missing in me

is there someone missing me

all that I can feel is an empty spot in my heart

I always feel that the people I hate should die

I hate my life but the love of it is OK

but all of that is that my life is a complete mess

I just feel like crying out blood

I just want to die in my tears

if you have lived my life you have no right to judge me

it's my life so you have no right to judge me at all

someone wake me up from this nightmare I am in

my blood is cold and no life.

someone wake me up and save me from a nothing I not become.

I feel so hopeless now so someone help me find my missing piece of me.

Death to Music

by Wendy Martin

Bang! Bang! Bang!


A sense to know there's violence.
Didn't even go a mile and it's done,
she's gone.
Put it in a song.
Sing it LOUD!
Sing it PROUD!
Because you're the only one
who heard the sounds
the screaming and pain..
then you go INSANE!
BUT DIDN'T pick the right lane.
But now it's done.
Put down the gun
and let the song be sung.


by Wendy Martin

Hello Everybody,
one and all.

I stand here to recite and not
prepared to fall.

You can choose to ignore it,
or applaud in AWE.

With the words i spill up an down the hills
of this world,
the love and kills of this boy
or this girl,
gunshots,stabbings,broken hearts,& broken dreams.
The cold heartless people who don't understand what this means.

What can you do?
Nothing. Right?
You can't stand UPRIGHT and fight for what's right?

People embody hypocrisy.
Guns POP, bodies DROP, you see.

Step over the pool of blood and get mad cuz there's a spot on your kicks.
Too fly to appreciate the people who take risks.

With the words i spill, you don't realize until,
things for YOU go wrong, your friend is gone, SO LONG.

Ok. Let's B R E A TH E...


You dream, I dream, HE DREAMT.
He spoke words that were meant to be heard,
or they took pictures that were seen by herds of people
from shacks to steeples.

It's: What can you do??
No. It's you CAN do WHAT? ALOT!

I don't wanna hear "I'm busyyy!"
Yea? Well, so is the rest of the city.

Just take a step back,
compare the Truth with the "FACTS",
compile it, file it, ALL SET! Ready to print.

Do you get the hint??

I Say:

With the words you spill up and down the hills,
you too,
will get an applause.

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