Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday's Trip: Change in the Community

On Wednesday, we went to places where we could get information on changing the community.

First, we went to Artists for Humanity. They have the most green building in Boston. They make t-shirts with the scrap pieces of other shirts. They screen print their shirts. They have been running this business since 1991.

Work by High School Students

We also went to BYOP: the Boston-area Youth Organizing Project. They help the youth with things like lowering the cost for student passes and making the T run longer.

Sign for Change in the T

Next, we visited the Cloud Foundation. They get kids involved with art.

The Cloud Place

We also went to Boston Public Library. We looked at the pictures of kids from Israel and Palestine. I think that they can take some good pictures. My favorite picture is the one that has three kids talking on their cell phones. That picture is funny.

Photos from Kids with Cameras from Israel and Palestine

-writing and photos by Dounia and Alia

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