Thursday, July 3, 2008

Touring Boston

On Wednesday July 2 the Peace in Focus group went on a tour with My Town around Back Bay. We took pictures and we were with a group of graduate students. Some places we went to on the tour were at the Philip Randolph's statue at Back Bay station, another place we went to was Martin Luther King Jr's house on Mass ave. After tour we went Jackson Square to see some of the murals that some of the youth workers and local artists did. Then we took the train to the Arboretum. We were taking pictures of the surrounding area.

In Peace in Focus we also learned about shutter speed, ISO, aperture. Shutter speed is how fast the lens opens and closes, the ISO is how sensitive the camera is to light and aperture is the opening that lets light into the camera. Also in Peace in Focus we take pictures, play games, and learn new things about the camera.

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