Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 1


My name is NIYONSABA Evelyne, I live at Cibitoke quarter, Bujumbura. I am 15 years old and I study in the 5th form at Mutakura secondary school. I like to help people, make charity actions for sufferers especially those who suffer from diseases. My passion is traveling; though I’ve never traveled abroad I have a strong desire of doing so whenever I may get an opportunity.

Currently, my hobby is traditional dance, I can say I’ve grown in that culture since childhood, so whenever I get a free time I often go to the dancing club. I’m always happy the only sad period of my life was when in primary school, a man came and throw to us a grenade, fortunately I didn’t die but I was severely wounded.

Today, I’ve learned so many new things about photography. We’ve been told for instance, photography began in the 19th century and its brief historical background was narrated to us. Now I know for example how to hold a camera to avoid any misfortune that can happen and break it, I equally know some photo ideas and some other element of photography. I admired the way we were treated in this workshop, we had tea and a nice dinner, I don’t complain at all. The only things that made me sweat was the afternoon work, I would like to work before noon only, if Richard and Huguette were not there for games I think I couldn’t hold on until 4 PM. I end up my message saying that today’s program was great and hope it will remain so the whole week.


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