Friday, October 22, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 6


My name is NDIKUMANA Igor, I’ve got 16 years of the age, I live at Mutakura in Cibitoke commune on the 7th avenue. I’m a pupil at the technology school known as ETEC.

I like to play at soccer, I used to play in Meridian soccer team. But the more I advance in studies the less free time I have, and this obliged me to stop soccer and concentrate on my studies. Now, after school, I’m often busy dancing at the dancing club because I’m also fond of music. I belong to a dancing club known as Strong Wind. I hate, however, injustice and pride.

Today, Eric taught us confraternity and other points included in the ethical code of photojournalism. There is another significant issue we tackled, that is to prepare the material before going to make a report.

I’d like to thank JAMAA and Peace in Focus in general and Eric, Richard, Ciza, Kazadi, Claude, and Joseph in particular for what they do for us and ask them to do the same for other children.

Thank you very much, may God bless you.


My name is Raissa NDAYISHIMIYE, I’m a pupil at CMN college in 5th form. I’m a resident of Rohero on Bututsi Avenue.

In my life, I like to help hopeless persons. My dream is to become one day a famous movie star. I do hate liars, injustice doers and vengeful people. I’m an orphan, and every time I see children with their parents I immediately remember mine, I lost them when I was still a little girl.

I like journalism, but I wish I could be the president of our republic in other to restore justice in this country and help other orphans like me.

This is the first time I attend such a workshop. Everything goes well so far, I’m now able to take a good picture using the basics we were taught. For instance, I know how to reduce and increase the amount of light that enters the camera. In few words I know to paint with light, as the definition of photography is.

Today we’ve learned the relation between a journalist and his boss as well as the duties and rights of a journalist.

Let me end my story by giving thanks and praises to Peace In Focus, which help organize this workshop.


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