Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 4


My name is NDUWIMANA Jean Marie; I live at Kamenge commune in Bujumbura city. I am sixteen years old; I study at Gasenyi primary school.

I like karate and soccer because they teach to discipline yourself. My soccer team is known under the name of Miracle football and I ‘m a striker.

I don’t like to be hurt by someone as I dislike hurting someone and that the reason why enjoy to entertain my friends with interesting and amusing stories whenever they look sad to comfort them.

2003 is an unforgettable year to me, I spent 8 months in hospital, my arm was broken when we were running away from war. I suffered severely that fracture for so long so that I even thought God has forsaken me or does not simply exist.

I really love Association JAMAA, I was worried and confused because I didn’t know where to find money to buy copybooks and cloths for school, since I fail the national examination. However, Jamma not only provided me with them but it is also training me and teaching a craft.

Since Monday we have learned many things about photojournalism and today we’ve made an excursion and took as many photo as we wish, photos of buildings, houses roads garbage to name but a few. I was so much excited by the Mother Mary statuette photo I took.

Your photojournalist, Jean Marie.

I love Peace in Focus and JAMAA so much. Thank you!

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