Monday, October 25, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 9


My name is IRAKOZE Annick, I am a resident of Sororezo a commune of Rural Bujumbura province. I’m a pupil at Nyakabiga primary school, and I’m 14 years old.

I love photography, to take a picture is the most interesting things I have ever done. Though it’s the first time I do it, I can confirm it without doubt.
Here in this workshop we are four who are still in the primary school, this means that I’m a beginner at French language, so when I’m asked to answer in that language, I often make mistakes and my colleagues laugh at me. This make me very sad.

Nowadays, thanks to GOD, we live in peace. Our commune, in the last few years was the battlefield between the rebels and the national army.

What made me happy in the workshop is simply to meet new friends.

Today I was very happy to listen to my friends who were reciting news they listened to yesterday night, as an assignment. I regretted why I didn’t came yesterday, because it was a very exciting exercise.

Goodbye, Thank you!

Greetings to everybody!

I’m IRAKOZE Yvette, I am a resident of Sororezo, Rural Bujumbura. I study at “Mutanga Sud” primary school in 6th form. I was born at Mutanga Sud.

I like to play at soccer. Myself, I’m a soccer player. But I hate so much politics because politics kills, it uses stones, bullet and fire. Politicians use the youth to kill each other. To me, politics is violence, so I don’t even wish to hear about it.

Since my childhood up to last year, we lived in war, we were often running away. However, in those days, while in fugitive camps, the government and some NGO, came to rescue us by providing us with foods, blanket and other diverse items. They were a comfort in that distress situation.
Today, Joseph trained us to conduct interview. We had sessions of interviewing each other after having learned the 15 interview techniques and performed it. Now I can say I’m a real journalist or at least a beginner in that skill.

I cannot end my message without thanking those who prepared this training, May God bless them. I beg them to do the same for other children like me and advice all the children who will read me, to be aware and avoid everything that may abstract and hinder them from going to school, school is the future.

Thank you!

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