Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burundi workshop: Day 8


I’m NTARE Robert Nesta. I live at Kinanira quarter. I’m 15 years old and study at Musaga municipal high school in 7th form.

I like to chat and laugh with friends, I’m also interested in internet. I hate however falsehood. I’m afraid of cars because I one day had an accident with it, but, the day I knew that I’ve passed the national exam every thing became new.

I’ve got three dreams in my life, the first one is to be a soccer player, the second is to be a sport journalist afterward and the last one is to do something very important so that every one in BURUNDI will always remember me even after my death.

Today, I’ve learned interview techniques, how to conduct an interview and behave in front of my interlocutor.

Peace in Focus and JAMAA have done something worthwhile by virtue of the fact that there are many men who wish to be photojournalist or journalist but lack such chances. I’ve realized that to be a journalist requires a lot of courage. One must give up laziness to get a good picture at the right moment.

Thank you to Peace in Focus and JAMAA for what you do for the benefit of children.


My name is IGIRANEZA Maryse, my home is Bwiza Commune, I have 17 years of the age, I study at “Avenir” high school in 5th form, but now I’m admitted in 4th form.
I love to live good among my neighbors, I feel good when I see friends smiling.
I am an orphan, my father and mother died so long ago, when I was still a little girl. To loose my parent is the worst thing that has ever happen to me. But, despite the fact that I have no one on my own, I’m still alive and happy, thanks to God. I don’t complain at all, I live in family that take care enough of me, it does its best at least.

The workshop we attend is very beneficial for me, today we’ve been taught the three kinds of medias and their similarities and differences as far as writing a report is concerned. However I’m still confused about which one to choose and engage. Normally I was interested in audiovisual, but here we focus more on the written press.

Let me say thanks to the members of Peace in Focus who had this wonderful idea because, we people from BURUNDI are willing to do wonderful things but lack sufficient means. For instance, it was my first time to touch a camera. Hence, I’m very grateful to Peace in Focus and JAMAA, cause not only I have touched it but I also know to use it.

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