Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 3


My Name is NDAYISENGA Landrine; I am a young lady from Bwiza Commune, Bujumbura city. I study at Ecole de l’Unité (Unity high school) and I’m seventeen years old.

I feel so bad when someone does not recognize or is indifferent to the good I do for him, and I hate people who exploit others, those who treat a person as an opportunity to gain an advantage for themselves. Here, I’d like to talk about the case of our country; innocent blood is always shed, the police starts investigations but to no outcome.

I was very happy when I knew that my name is written on list of those who were going to be trained in photojournalism, because I really like to take pictures. The striking thing we saw today is the stereotype, how, using Photoshop one can manipulate and modify a photo as you wish. Now am able to distinguish an authentic beauty on a photo from a stereotype while reading a magazine for example.

The only thing that made trouble for me is when a facilitator intervenes to help or correct another. It becomes hard to follow two people at the same time. We have been told that someone named Kate from Boston is the one who helped to organize this work shop, thank you to her an JAMAA. Peace!

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