Saturday, October 23, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 7


My name is BUKURU David. I’m a schoolboy at Saint Gabriel high school, and a resident of Ngagara commune in Bujumbura city. I’m 16 years of the age.

I like to play at ping-pong so much so that I can’t spend a whole week without playing at it. But, I hate people who keep quiet so much. Normally, I’m always happy save perhaps, when I fail to do something important. I don’t have much things to say about me because I’m a simple boy like others, nothing special that distinguishes me from others except that I’m a tall guy and have a strong desire of becoming the president of the republic of Burundi, if GOD wishes indeed.

We’ve been taught so many new things, but the one I will never forget is how to take a photograph. Today, Richard taught us the treatment of information.

I’m extremely grateful to all the facilitators for their help. My special thanks go to Peace in Focus and JAMAA members in general because we’ve gained some useful skills from the workshop, which can help in their turn to gain our daily bread.



My name is MUKESHIMANA Sabrina. I live at Ngagara commune. I’m 17 years old and I study at Saint Albert high school in 3rd form art.

I’m fond of watching television and reading books. When I’m tired, I go to visit friends and chat with them. I equally like to visit sick people in hospitals and going to church. My passion is traveling, though I’m broke. I hate however, wicked people and those who quarrel every time.

I would like to be a journalist, a historian or psychologist. In brief, I want to have much knowledge.

In JAMAA center, I appreciate the way people are welcoming and the way we are taught. The only thing that is still troubling is that a few people are not punctual, and cameras are not sufficient in number. It would be great to have one camera per each participant.

Yesterday, we learned the deontic code, which expresses the duties and rights of
journalist and how to collect information.

I’d like to thank GOD, our facilitators and JAMAA association in general.

Thank you!

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