Thursday, October 21, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 5

Hello everyone!

I am HABIMANA Ninette, I am 17 years of the age; I was born in 1993 the 1st of July, it was on the independence memorial day. I study at Bwiza Commune College in 4th form.

I like to study, because my dream is to become a cultivated journalist. I equally enjoy reading, watching T.V., listen to nice music and doing sports as well. Another thing I love is cooking. I detest sloth in my life, sitting there without doing any thing is very boring.

Yesterday we had an excursion and took photos; today, we commented on them. Now I feel like I’m a photojournalist and prove to be one as you can realize it yourself from my photos. We have been taught some photography basics and how to read an image etc.

I appreciated our facilitators and I’m glad I’ve found new friends from other neighborhoods. We made several practice and play games together we and I have realized that though we came from different parts, we are the same.

Let me give thanks and praises first of all to the highest God of my salvation who gave me life. Second, to my parents who allowed me to take part in this workshop, finally and specially to the president of JAMAA Eric NSENGIYUMVA.

“I wish long life to JAMAA and Peace in Focus!”

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