Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burundi Workshop: Day 10


I am NDAYIHANGAJE Carmel, I was born on the 29th April in 1993 in Cibitoke commune. I am a schoolboy at “CEPBU” high school.

In my every day life, I love to make friends. I like to play at basketball too. But, I detest quarreling with friends, failing at school and any kind of oppression and exploitation.

I’m now a photojournalist and a journalist. If ever I have an opportunity to edit articles, they will focus on fighting oppression and the exploitation of children by giving them hard works that goes beyond their capacities instead of sending them to school.

Taking pictures is very exciting. Last week, I took pictures of people animals, buildings and moving cars. We have been taught also journalism and the rules that guide a journalist while reporting to avoid mistakes, which can lead him to be judged by courts.

I’ve got so much to tell you, but let me just say thank you to JAMAA association and Peace in Focus from Boston, and ask them humbly to perpetuate such actions. I call upon anyone to help them, so that they may keep on working for the benefit of children and for the world to survive.

Thank you!


I am KWIZERA Arnauld from Nyakabiga Commune, Bujumbura city. I was born in 1994.

My passion is to watch sports at the television especially the soccer. I like to be informed about famous players and coach as well. I also like to discuss with friends because I get much information from a discussion with friends. However, I do detest quarrelling.

In my life, two period are unforgettable: the first one was the three months I spent in a hospital when I had an accident, and the second one is when I failed examinations at school for the first time. During those periods, it was as if the world was turned upside down.

As far as the workshop is concerned, I’ve spent two weeks here in JAMAA center, and I’ve gained so much knowledge about photojournalism and journalism. Our facilitators treated us like their younger brothers and sisters. Now I know to use a digital camera, and the difference between photography and photojournalism. Even though they share some similarities, photojournalism produces images that “talk” a whole story. I also appreciated the way we use Adobe Photoshop to modify a photograph. During this second week we have been acquainted with journalist union through media auto-regulation and the functions of the national council of communication. The last but not less important thing we learned is the rules we follow to write a newspaper report.

I say thank you to JAMAA and all its partners especially Peace in Focus!

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